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The Signs Of Chronic Kidney Disease
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If you want to know the signs of chronic kidney disease without dialysis options, or you want to consult the signs of chronic kidney disease price and pricelist, Jingdong Yumei Kidney Disease Hospital is always at your service.

Chronic kidney disease has a variety of manifestations, but they are commonly not specific. At the early stage, patients may not have any discomfort. However, for some patients, when they go to hospital, they have been at the end stage of kidney failure. So it is very important for us to observe the early signs closely. Experts tell us, the early abnormal signs include:

1. Swelling: patients may appear swelling in the eyelids or face in the morning, and after noon, the swelling will diminish. The tiredness will worsen the swelling and rest can relieve. Severe swelling can occur to the limbs, such as ankles, limbs and low back.

2. Hypertension: just like the normal hypertension, the Hypertension caused by chronic kidney disease will result in headache, dizziness, dim eyesight and tinnitus and such symptoms. But for some patients with long-term Hypertension, because they have resisted the hypertension symptoms, they may not have any discomfort.

3. Excessive or less urine volume: for the healthy people, the urine volume is 1000-2000 ml/d, the average is 1500 ml/d. The urine increase or decrease may be the signs of chronic kidney disease, especially urination increasing at night, it is usually the sign of chronic kidney disease.

4. Abnormal urine test: if the urine test shows protein, red blood cells, white blood cells, cast, ketone dobidies, and urine sugar and so on, people should take further examination.